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The low fuel sensor...

p/n 37810-MN5-008...or

can use the one from a V65 Magna...p/n 37810-MB4-008..


The part number for the 1200 and 1500 low fuel sensor is 37810-MN5-008. They are $30.11 Note that this is the Honda part number, the other one is available from elec supply house.


I use the same thermistor in the GL1200 and the GL1500. The low "fuel sensor" is a NTC THERMISTOR. www.newark.com Part number 20F735 TYPE RL2004-582-97-T10 $2.82
If you are in the US call 1-800-463-9275.
If You are in CANADA, email me and I will find the canadian phone number.The thermistor is in a little can about the size of your finger. It is
soldered to a wire on one end and to the can on the other. Some guys cut the can open but I have been drilling out the spot welds and pushing the can back together. I then punch it in 3 places to hold it together. From talking with others, I find that the can is not the same on all models. It is pretty simple stuff anyway. You are not really adapting anything. It is physically almost identical to the part used by Honda. Electronically, it is identical. Just carefully bend the leads and cut to length to match the original. Hold the leads with small needle
nose pliers close to the thermistor so as not to fracture it while bending